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Are you fed up with exams? Do you think that Learning should comes with entertainment ? Do you want to start making video games and you don’t know from where to begin ?
You wanna know the whole process of making a video game?
Then join us at the “Game Conf :Summer is Coming”.

The goal of this event is to  improve the industy of game development in Tunisia by going through all the gaming production pipeline (Pre-production , Production and Post-production).

Attendees will spend the night at the hotel and get their dinner together, its a good opportunity for networking and teambuilding… A lot of fun waiting !!!

A lot of speakers will talk about a specific step toward the creation of a complete game, from game design to game development , from marketing to publishing etc.

We’re pleased to announce that we have 2 “all-access pass” from our partners Casual Connect & Indie Prize San Francisco 2016 and Mena Games Conferences 2017 that we’re giving away to our attendees.

Book your ticket now place are limited:
Link :

After you book your ticket online you should contact us to continue the payment process.

*All Access pass (Bus Tunis>Hammamet>Tunis + Hotel Room : 40DT.
*Standard Pass (Attending only the event) : 20DT.
**Discount for TGD Members : 10DT.

Infoline :
Nabeul :
-Rami SLIMENE 52 33 34 37
Tunis :
-Houssem ben Amor : 54 58 69 09
-Hedi Friha : 52 716 958
-Marwen ounis : 99 514 719

Event Program:

—-Saturday 28 May 2016—-
Pre-Production :
• Research
• Game Design Document
• Game Design
• Level Design
Production :
• 2d Design
• Modeling 3d
• Texturing / UV’s
• Programming
• Animation
• Sound Design
• Collaboration Workflow…
Post-Production :
• Community managing
• Marketing
• Publishing
• Monetization
• Acceleration
• Opportunities
—-Sunday 29 May 2016—-

• Best practicies session.
• How To improve the industry ? ( workshop )

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