About us


“Tunisian Game Developers Association”

The Tunisian Game Developers is the 1st non-profit association in Tunisia represent only the video game development industry. Was formed in 2011 and founded in February 2012, to advocate for video game development and foster industry collaboration within the industry in Tunisia. TGD members are committed to the further development of the industry in Tunisia, hiring graduates from local Universities and Colleges, and working to promote high standards of relevant education. In addition to its advocacy and educational outreach work, Tunisian Game Developers Association also organizes events, Jams and expo to foster collaboration within the tunisian game developers community.

Our Vision :

To elevate the video and electronic game manufacturing industry of Tunisia to a position of international recognition as a leading contributor of industry growth and maturity.

Our Mission :

To promote the growth and success of game manufacturers in Tunisia by :

  • Providing oversight and guidance of academic involvement.
  • Identification and availability of resources.
  • Creation and application of best practices.
  • Networking events create opportunities for universities and colleges to meet professional game developers.
  • Matching Service – We want to connects Video games Studios with colleges and universities.
  • Help both aspiring games developers and those already working in the industry to fulfill their career ambitions.
  • Fighting for the interests of game developers.
  • Provide a comprehensive list of jobs for our community.

Our Activities :

  • Workshops
  • Game Jams
  • Games Expo_events
  • Meet-ups
  • Roundtables
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