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We bring together a fantastic team of speakers from around the world for the Global Game Jam in 2016.

  • Kate Edwards Keynote Speaker

    Executive Director , International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

    Talk: Creating the Difference - The Power of Game Developers

  • Habib Chams Keynote Speaker

    Organiser , MENA Games Conferences

    Talk: State of game development in the Mena Region

  • Brie Code Keynote Speaker

    Lead Programmer, UBISOFT Montreal

    Talk: The Future Is Weird: How I Learned I Should Be Too

  • Evan Greenwood Keynote Speaker

    Founder/Game Designer, Free Lives Studio

    Talk: Path to Freedom: The story of Broforce and other game jams

  • Susan Gold Keynote Speaker

    Co-founder , Global Game Jam

    Talk: Greetings to the Tunisian community


29 January

30 January

31 January

Elgazala Technopark

Auditorium Hannibal

Auditorium of conferences

Cebalat Elgazala 2088 Ariana, Tunisia   View on Google Maps

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