Global Game Jam 2016 – WINNERS

GGJ 2016 

With great pleasure, we announce the winners of the 2016’s Global Game Jam held in Tunisia (29th-31st of January 2016). This year’s theme was ” RITUALS “ and more than 30 teams participated in the event. 28 of them made it to the end and successfully submitted their games. Find them Here.

 1st place : Genesis by Team Pew-Pew

Description: Each ritual is a sequence of movements reproduced to link different stars forming a constellation. Choose the correct sequence to reach your goal.

Genesis - Gameplay

 2nd place : Bambuzel by Team DevSpace

Description: There was a Myth that says: The”BAMBUZEL” tribe worships a Demon called “Ombulgok” The appearance of this legendary monster takes place at the birth of a new Twins from the tribe. “Obungok” has a Demon Twin who was killed by the king of Demons, and the only way to revive him back is to kill One-thousand child from each Bambuzel Twin.



3rd place : Tales from Skies by Team Quantum-Dev

Description: it’s a game about the daily rituals of a child and how they are seen by him.”It takes a long time to become young.” – Pablo Picasso

Tails from Skies - Gameplay

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